Research Interests

Only the research and development activities which were supported are listed below.


1.         £500 C.H. Milburn Award 1980 (British Medical Association), for research into Vertebral Artery Trauma.

2.         £500 C.H. Milburn Award 1986 (British Medical Association), for research in progress on Computer assisted identification of skull remains by superimposition of facial features.

3.         £1,000 Brackenbury Award 1990 (British Medical Association): Prevalence of HIV Antibody Positivity in Post Mortem Populations,

4.         £25,000 per year Home Office Grant 1992, for funding of 60% salary of research senior lecturer (three years)

5.         £13,000 per year Chilean Government Grant 1992, (three years) for research postgraduate to conduct facial morphometry and assist in the identification of the skeletal remains of 120 Chilean citizens who were buried in a mass grave.

6.         £8,220 per year Grant from the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning 1993, (two years) for research fellow to study the comparative facial identification of the face by laser scanning and photography

7.         £6,000 Chinese Government Grant: 1994. Joint study with the Teiling Institute of Laioning Province, examining the value of facial reconstruction using 3-D computer graphics as a means of recognition in both caucasian and mongoloid subjects

8.         £65,000 SHEFC Initiative fund 1996: Develop and establish National Facial Reconstruction facility, in collaboration with Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh Universities


9.         £14,000,  Scottish Office, Criminal Research Unit October 1996/March 1997 with further funding for an additional six monthssin the first instance. Sole applicant.
Assessment of next of kin interviews carried out jointly by the forensic pathologists and fiscals in the Glasgow catchment area

10.       £6,000. Sandoz pharmaceuticals July 1996/June 1997 Jointly with Dr Launer, Burnley NHS trust. Assessment of facial affect in schizophrenic patients using  standard anthropometric measurements,

11.       £20,000. Discretionary fund from the Medicine and Science faculty planning units, University of Glasgow, Director of project, in collaboration with Dr Curry, Geology. To establish a Scottish nationwide paternity testing service and forensic haemogenetic academic research and teaching  facility in conjunction with the establishment of theUnited Kingdom's first Human Identification Centre. 1998.

12.       £22,021, Nuffield Foundation, jointly with the Department of Adolescent Psychiatry. Racial stereotyping in psychiatry. 1999


13.       £70,000 European Union OISIN programme 1999/2000  jointly with departments from the Netherlands and ItalyThe study of earprints and their role in their value as a tool 
for identifying and tracing offenders. The substantive work will be funded via a further submission in 2001 under the fifth framework


14.       £600,826, Crown Office Grant 1999/2000. For the provision and development of Forensic Pathology Services in the West of Scotland


15.       £750,000, Crown Office Grant April 2000/2001. For the  provision and development of Forensic Pathology Services in the West of Scotland.


16.       £156,000, European Union Grant under Framework four for research into the evaluation of ears as an evidential tool in identification (FEARID), 2002


17.       £94,000, Foreign & Commonwealth Office startup Grant to establish The Centre for International Forensic Assistance 2001-2003


18.       £207,000, Foreign & Commonwealth Office to fund Kosovo mission April- August 2002


19.       £42,000, Department of Health. Pilot scheme to develop good communications with next of kin or equivalent person(s) close to the deceased in relation to post-mortem examinations. July 2003


Date created 8/03/2007