High Profile cases

Below are a few recent examples of recent cases I have been involved in:
  • I was invited to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of
    Princess Diana

  • I have given opinions for the Presidential Truth Commission in Korea on
    deaths in custody

  • Investigation of the medical evidence of the British Nurses in Saudi Arabia
    accused of the murder of one of their colleagues

  • The investigation of the Railway killer and his accomplice

  • I have given evidence for the Truth and Reconcilliation Council of the Republic of South Africa.

  • The identification of the last victim of the Kings Cross fire

  • WHO led investigation of the death of the Zviad Gamsakhurdia., former Georgian President, thought to have committed suicide.

  • Advisor to the Russian authorities on the identification of the Romanovs.

  • The Tyrolean Iceman


Date created 8/03/2007